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Bossier City, Louisiana, United States
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80's, aerosmith, apples, art, bead work, beads, boston terriors, cancer research, cate blanchett, cell phones, cheese, chocolate, chokers, cocoanut, coffee, computers, cosmetics, eminem, empire records, evanescence, glasses, good conversation, hair color, hair dye, icons, internet, invader zim, jewelry, jim carrey, johnny depp, lemony snicket, make-up, marines, martial arts, mascara, morgan freeman, movies, mp3s, music, necklaces, nirvana, paint, pearls, photography, ponytails, rat terriers, red, relationships, rimmel, singing loudly, steven tyler, talking, tattoos, vh1, visit my jewelry store!
I'm artist and a photographer with an interest in modeling. I'm creative, indecisive, loved, playful, empathic, broke, animal lover. Former dog owner, Christian, a sister, daughter, granddaughter, neice, and an exwife. I'm a friend, adopted daughter, and a wife.
I'm messy, outgoing, open, self revealing, ambivalent about chaos, unpredictable, not good at saving money, social, likes large parties, likes to stand out, risk taker, quick to make friends, does not like to be alone, rash, fame seeking, sarcastic, craves attention, social chameleon, low self control, food lover, not rule conscious, weird, assertive, not a perfectionist, anti-authority, thrill seeker, vain, likes to fit in, reckless, emotionally sensitive, leisurely, trusting

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